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Let me help you to play like Stevie Ray Vaughan - Blues Guitar lessons in Essex

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

"Pride and Joy" is an original song composed by Texas singer/guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan and has become one of his best known songs.

Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of the most influential guitarists in the revival of blues in the 1980s, I love his aggressive way of playing the blues with a funky vibe and his groove. 

Called "a classic Texas shuffle", Pride and Joy has a twelve-bar blues arrangement.

It has a moderately fast tempo and is in 4 4 time.

Pride and Joy is notated in the Key of E, but with Vaughan's guitar tuned one-half step lower it is actually in the pitch of E♭

If you would like me to help you to play the guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughan and would like to book some blues guitar lessons in Essex, please contact me

I teach the guitar from my studio in Billericay, Essex.

I am available to teach all styles of guitar, electric and acoustic to all abilities and ages in Essex.

Check out my guitar tuition page for further information about my teaching.

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